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  • Mark Schnatterly

    This person is a volunteer chapter leader and is not an employee or official representative of Family First or All Pro Dad.

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  • Thank you for your continued support of the program, but more importantly, for your commitment to your children!  February was a brutal month for activities, but is now behind us.  We've got some great activities set up for March! We have kicked off March Dadness, and I know we are having a lot of fun with it.  Let me know if you need a calendar, and I'll get you one.  We have our breakfast on March 10, and a Dinner and a Movie Night set up for Saturday, March 21.  We'll enjoy some pizza and take in a showing of Big Hero 6.  I will be accepting donations to help cover the cost of food, so any help would be much appreciated!

    For anyone who had tickets to our All Pro Dad Night with the Baltimore Blast, you should be getting tickets to the upcoming playoff game.  We will be able to go on the field before the game, and have great seats.  Hope to see you there!

    Make sure you are keeping an eye on our dates for more upcoming opportunitiesto connect with your kids, make memories, and strengthen that critical relationship.

    One hour, once a month. A small commitment with a huge reward.



  • Perry Hall Christian School, Coffee Connection Room (located behind the sanctuary)
    3919 Schroeder Ave. Perry Hall, MD 21128


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